Sign the Petition

We want the funding and tools to invest in a just, healthy, and safe future for Pittsfield. This vision does not include spending $55,000,000 on a new police station.

During the FY22 budget season in June 2021, Mayor Linda Tyer has proposed $500,000 in the Capital Improvement Plan budget for New Police HQ Design & Planning. This is Phase 1 of three phases over the next three fiscal years with an additional $5,000,000 being proposed in FY23 for continued design and planning, and $50,000,000 in FY24 for the construction of a "New Police HQ Facility and Campus."

This does not align with the values of Pittsfield, or with the needs of the community and we ask that the Pittsfield City Council reject these budget proposals and that Mayor Tyer and the City of Pittsfield invest in areas of Pittsfield that will improve the quality of life for all of our residents, such as housing, child care, education, our environment, transportation, and job opportunities.

Signing the petition is important, but don't forget to also email Mayor Tyer and the City Council.